Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

Air conditioning units have a limited service lifespan due to the eventual occurrence of failure of AC system components. When this happens, you need an HVAC repair service Cabot, AR residents can rely on to make the needed repairs in a timely fashion. At Steadfast Heat & Air, we offer an array of AC repair near Cabot, AR that restores your air conditioning system to proper and efficient functioning.

Some common AC problems might require you to contact our professional HVAC team include:

Primary Motor Starter

A motor operates similarly to a car engine. Your AC unit has a primary motor starter can sustain damage or fail which can prevent your system from switching on from the thermostat.

In a car air conditioning unit, a thermostat causes the activation of a switch that results in electricity being sent to the unit. The switch activated causes the pulling of points which open and close which can result in pitting and burning. If the primary motor starter appears burned, pitted, or otherwise damaged, it is better to replace the unit.

Lower Refrigerant

Refrigerant functions within an air conditioning system as a cooling fluid. If your vehicle’s AC unit is expelling warm air, the refrigerant level may be low. This may result in a chain reaction within the air conditioning unit that may cause the coil and other parts to freeze up and cause AC system failure. An old AC unit may also have loose fittings that cause leakage. An experienced AC repair service professional can check for leakage, refill the coolant, and repair leaks.

Secondary Motor Controller

The secondary motor controller in an air conditioner controls the supply of voltage from the electrical source. A controller that is not operating properly can cause the wrong voltage to be sent to the system, negatively affecting the entire system.

Compressor Failure

Replacing a faulty compressor in your AC can be quite expensive. This is why proper compressor maintenance and repair as needed is important. A compressor pumps coolant through a coil from outside the unit and then distributes cold air throughout the AC system. If debris has collected or airflow is inadequate for some reason, or if the installation was poor, the compressor may fail.

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