The folks at Stedfast Heat & Air are extremely courteous & friendly. I have had a maintenance agreement with them for about 3 years. They took very good care of my needs when our system went out. The salesman spent the morning explaining my options & what was needed for my home. They have super service all around.

Luke L.

I am very satisfied with the unit, & Stedfast Heat & Air.

Patty G.

I am very satisfied with The Trane heat pump & with the installation & service from Stedfast Heat & Air. I would recommend both of them to anyone.

Ron S.

Stedfast Heat & Air is a Great Company. Owner Mike Love a very fine Christian man. He is a member of my church. Paul Griffin (salesman) is very knowledgeable courteous and good at explaining everything. Overall very pleased! I would definitely recommend Stedfast Heat & Air.

Doyle T.

Stedfast Heat & Air provided overall excellent service with an easy going, friendly style. I heard about them on our Christian radio station. So far we are very satisfied with our Trane product.

Richard L.

Stedfast heat & Air was great. They installed the system very effectively. I am very satisfied with the overall production of the system. Thanks for a great product and great service.

Nicholas S.

We have had a maintenance Agreement with Stedfast Heat & Air for Years. They installed a new Trane system in our home and we have never had a complaint about them or the Trane unit we had before.

Robert P.

Good Job.

Ken F.

I have used Stedfast Heat & Air for over 10 years. I have had an annual maintenance agreement with them the whole time. I have never had anyone from any other company come to my home and act in the manner they do. They are very reliable, knowledgeable, and courteous. I highly recommend them to friends & family. Paul did a great job representing Stedfast Heat & Air and your product.

Valerie B.

We were very happy with the service Stedfast Heat & Air gave.

John P.

Stedfast Heat & Air personnel were very professional and courteous. They were knowledgeable on the hvac system and took great pains to explain its functions and installation process.

Catherine G.

We couldn't be happier in our decision as a whole Stedfast Heat & Air was supper!!!!!

Betty R.

I have always used Stedfast Heat & Air and I would recommend them.

Richard B.

I have always had good maintenance with Stedfast Heat & Air. I will continue with them for my needs.

Josephine Q.

I loved the service I received from Stedfast Heat & Air. Very prompt and dedicated to making my house more comfortable. When we purchased our new unit they did everything they could to find the right unit at the right price. They truly wanted to see us happy. I don't think I will ever use another heat and air company. A+++++ Work

Elizabeth G.

Stedfast Heat & Air replaced our system at our lake house that was 20 years old. The duct work was replaced also. I'm very happy with the job they done.

John D.

I have been with them several years. Very pleased!!!!!!!

Steven G.