7 Signs You May Need Emergency AC Repair

As temperatures rise in the spring and summer months, the need for efficient running air conditioning is essential. You air conditioner must be in sound operating condition in order to guarantee consistent coolness in your home. At Stedfast Heat & Air, we are your trusted source for emergency AC repair Cabot, AR homeowners can count on us to solve difficult AC problems quickly and get the cool air flowing once again.

Some indications you may need repair services for your air conditioning unit include:

1. Warm Air From the Vents

If you feel warm air coming from your vents when the AC is on, check to make sure the thermostat is on cool air mode and it is set below the current temperature in your home. If you have done that and still feel warm air flowing from your vents, you may have a compressor or restricted air flow issue that requires repair.

2. Poor Airflow

The fan in your AC unit may have any number of issues that significantly choke the airflow making it to your vents, such as a defective control board, faulty blower motor, or dirty air filter. A company offering HVAC emergency repair near Cabot, AR can determine the cause of inadequate airflow and apply the needed solution.

3. Frequent Cycles

Regardless of the weather, your AC should run through routine cycles of cooling. If your AC is turning on more frequently in hotter weather, it should not constantly turn on and off. If these cycles have become more frequent, your AC may either need a tune-up or possibly a replacement if repair is not possible.

4. Strange Sounds

AC systems are designed for quiet operation. If the AC runs louder than normal, particularly with strange sounds such as buzzing, rattling, banging, metallic screeching, or grinding, it may have one or more issues such as loose belts, broken parts, or debris. When you hear these sounds, it is important to contact an emergency AC repair service.

5. Water Leaks

Your air conditioner depends on refrigerant to keep your home cool and will produce condensation during operation. However, if you notice a leak or pooling of water around your AC unit, the system may be running improperly. Leaks can cause damage to various elements within your home and should be addressed promptly by emergency AC repair.

6. Bad Odors

If you notice an unusual odor around your AC, it is important to have a repair professional check for any issues. Some odors can be caused by burned out wires, pest infiltration, or mold.

7. High AC Bills

During the warm and hot months of the year, your air conditioning system will use a large percentage of the energy used within your home. However, if you notice a pronounced increase in your energy bills between the current season and last year’s season, your AC system may need to be checked.

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